Mark Reckless joins minister to unveil Rochester sports centre

Mark Reckless was delighted to join the minister for sport Helen Grant to officially open the King’s Rochester Sports Centre today. In an innovative partnership between Medway Council and King’s School, the sports centre has benefited from an injection of half a million pounds from the school. The money was used to upgrade current facilities, while remaining open…


Britain is more than a star on somebody else’s flag!

Since being elected in 2010 I have worked hard to represent all of the people in my Rochester and Strood constituency, irrespective of who they backed at the election, and notwithstanding how party whips may have wanted me to vote. I have consistently campaigned for an In/Out EU referendum, and was delighted when my constituency…


VIDEO: The Last Word

Lively debate as politicians from our region discuss the fall-out from the recent elections. And where does Nigel Farage want to stand as an MP? Guests include John Denham (Lab) Mark Reckless (Con) Diane James (UKIP) and Jasper Gerard (Lib Dem). Apologies in advance for the poor quality.


Why should Skullcracker get a third off sentence?

The so-called Skullcracker has run rings round the criminal justice system for too long. He absconded from an open prison on the Isle of Sheppey, having been given a minimum tariff of just 8 years despite having been sentenced to 13 life sentences for armed robbery, and within days committed another armed robbery in South-west…


PM must show Eurosceptics that referendum IS real

Despite the scale of Tory electoral losses, a strange sense of relief now pervades my party. Ed Miliband’s unexpected humiliation at the hands of Nigel Farage’s Ukip has seemingly let us off the hook. It’s as though we’ve got away with it; that far from blocking our path to re-election, Ukip is actually barring Labour’s…

Mark Reckless with representatives of Medway Council at the Thames Estuary Airport costs summit in Westminster

MP responds to Airports Commission

Airports Commission Sanctuary Buildings 20 Great Smith Street London SW1P 3BT 23rd May 2014 Dear Sir/Madam I refer back to my previous submissions, and again emphasis that land in and around the Thames Estuary, particularly to the North side of the Hoo Peninsula, is strongly protected by UK and EU law and UN conventions. Since…